• to support the development training centres for electricity trades, with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and diversified and complementary expertise
  • to develop knowledge about renewable energies ;
  • to facilitate the deployement of the news technologies ;
  • to promote the professional development of women in the electricity industry;
  • to support vocational training through a scholarship programme

To improve the performance of the African electricity sector and intensify regional exchanges by strengthening the technical and managerial skills of power utilities at all levels and governance of the sector. The key expected accomplishments of the project are :

  • to make the sector more attractive to inverstores ;
  • to improve the quality of electricity supply and services ;
  • to enhance access to effective training  and know-how solutions adapted to local needs and improve the parity between  men and

The African Network of Centres of Excellence in Electricity (ANCEE) is a continent-wide initiative led by APUA and supported by African Development Fund (ADF) of the African Development Bank Group and the french development agency. As part of its inovation strategy, APUA plans to improve the sector's performance and intensify regional exchanges by strengthening the capacities of energy pool actors.

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